Freeze Your Face Off

Photo by RLHyde via Flickr Creative Commons

Rarely will I do a post that isn’t a review of a product of some sort… but I saw this on my Facebook feed last week and was like WHAT?!


I got a chill just typing that.

But when you read it, it makes sense! Here are 4 Icy Beauty Secrets that will blow your mind. My personal fave is icing a zit. I’m not even kidding, I would have never done that before this article. I used to hear, and believe… okay HEAT draws it out. I would nuke a wet washcloth and hold it on that zit (I’m sorry this is so gross) to draw out the nasty so it could disappear. This article tells you to ice it to decrease the inflammation.

Doesn’t that sound much better for your skin than a hot towel from the microwave?! What do you think? Ice or Heat? Hot Ice? lol ahhhhhh what to do!

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