Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo, Conditioner and Split End Sealer Photos & Review

Recently during a local mall trip I noticed that a new counter had popped up inside Macy’s. I was intrigued, because the beauty department at my Macy’s only has the basics (Lancome, Clinique, Lauder… you know the drill. I love these brands, but they are the originals that you see at every Macy’s). Wandering over I saw that the products all read Carol’s Daughter. I’d heard of the brand, but had never actually checked it out. I had kids with me that day, so stopping to ask questions and sniff around was not happening. Luckily, almost like fate, I received an email from Carol’s Daughter (the brand, not the person) that same week!

For this post I want to introduce you to the Monoi Repairing line, which is “a nourishing three-step hair system marked with the Monoi Seal, awarded to Carol’s Daughter by the Monoi Institute, the official Tahitian authority. The prestigious seal bestowed upon a select few, guarantees the quality, purity and use of authentic Monoi Oil, the coveted product of a sacred Polynesian ritual over 2,000 years old.”

Monoi Oil is said to “repair fine, delicate, heat or chemically-treated hair. Clinically-proven to help revive hair and reverse damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments and environmental aggressors — after only one use, the authentic Monoi trio is clinically proven to reduce breakage by an impressive 96% and extend the life of hair by up to thirteen times.”

Carol’s Daughter says that the recipe for stronger & longer hair is as follows:

  • MONOI OIL: conditions, moisturizes and protects, imparting the beautiful scent of Tiare Gardenia flowers and Haaari Coconut oil
  • COCONUT-DERIVED SURFACTANTS: provide a natural, non-stripping gentle cleanse
  • HIBISCUS EXTRACT: detangles and softens
  • BAMBOO WATER: rich in protein, vitamins and minerals essential for rebuilding and fortifying hair
  • HYDROLYZED SILK: restores balance and provides protection from future damage
  • PANTHENOL: reconstructs each strand and minimizes tangles

I need this like no other. So much. My hair is prone to frizz, split-ends, breakage… and is just plain guilty of being crap-tastic since I had kids. And, being in my early 30’s with 2 small children, a husband, and a dog (so really, like, 4 kids!) of course my hair is also color treated.

The Monoi Repairing Shampoo ($18.00) and Conditioner($20.00) are actually part of a 3-step system which also includes a repairing hair mask. The shampoo works to cleanse weak and damaged hair to remove impurities & product build-up without stripping strands. The conditioner then penetrates distressed hair leaving it stronger, healthier and more resistant to future damage.

The feel and lather of the products is amazing, and it really does feel like it’s cleansing the hair. I’m not a huge fan of the scent, I tend towards a more girlie flavor, but it’s not headache inducing or strong in the least.

The Split End Sealer ($25.00) works to seal frayed, separated ends for not only longer and stronger hair but also fewer trims! Money saver! Ding, ding! However, because my hair has ridiculous amounts of frizz and cowlicks I use a different product (usually from Living Proof and a VERY little amount) all over my hair, skipping the ends, and then the Split End Sealer at the ends only. This method gives my hair a complete all-over polished look after styling.

Needless to say, these products are a LOVE and I’m thrilled my local Macy’s finally has something for me to brag about!

Carol’s Daughter products are available at Carol’s Daughter Stores,,, Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s, Belk and Dillard’s stores nationwide.

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