Green Mountain Wellness Collection Photos & Review – Focus Blend & Antioxidant Blend

Green Mountain grabbed August 2012 by the horns and launched two new brews as part of a Wellness Collection Focus Blend and Antioxidant Blend.

Both blends are a medium roast, so they aren’t strong (I run all of my K-Cups through twice because my mugs are huge… I go once on the large and once on the small). Both tasted amazing and went down smooth. ***Though, please note it does state that these are best brewed as an 8 ounce serving.

I was really impressed with the Focus Blend. I’m not even kidding, I got more work done that day. I’m not crazy. It went beyond keeping me awake, I actually felt like I could think and concentrate, even with my 3 year old climbing on my back.

Purchase these brews online at or The retail price is $18.49 for a 24-ct box of K-Cup packs.

***The products featured in this post were provided to me for free through BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.

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