Fashion Week: Looking Good In Photos – An Insider Interview With Getty Images Own ASTRID STAWIARZ

With Fashion Week in full swing those of us not able to attend are watching the shows and checking pics and blogs from the comfort of our homes, decked out in our finest fuzzy bunny slippers (not couture approved, I imagine).

But what about the INSIDER info? I, for one, am just as interested as what the artists from the other side of the camera think. The photographers. They SEE IT ALL. Photo Journalists, above all, know what looks good. Whether it be how you’re posing, what you’re wearing, or how your makeup is showing up for print… constantly observing the good and the bad, they hold the secrets.

As luck would have it, I got the opportunity to interview a top photographer for Getty Images, Astrid Stawiarz! Astrid is well attuned in not only all things photography and fashion, but also BEAUTY!

Get to know Astrid:

A native New Yorker, constantly energized by the diversity of her great city is a self-taught photographer. She is a favorite of celebrities who adore her positive manner and a highly sought-after fashion week photo journalist for her honest, immediate and personal perspectives on the increasingly commercial trends of style and design. Her unique ability to make everyone feel comfortable, special, and appreciated has earned her the trust and confidence of some of America’s most prestigious newspapers and photo-journals – including her regular work for the Wall Street Journal and the The New York Post.

Just within that short bio, Astrid boasts a pretty amazing resume. She obviously knows her stuff, and the industry recognizes that. Let’s learn her secrets!

How do celebrities ALWAYS LOOK GOOD IN PHOTOS?! I’m sorry. I know they’re trained to always be “on” when walking the red carpet, or when sashaying around at an event… but, geez. Every pose, stare, grin… perfection. Help us, Astrid!

We hear all of the time about how lighting can be evil, and play tricks. How can we conquer lighting make it work FOR us rather than against us?

  • Soft lighting and avoiding direct flashes from a camera is ideal. Stay out of the sunlight and find a shady area. Sunlight creates harsh shadows on the face and makes make-up melt.

What poses work best to make the body appear slim?

  • Know your best pose and show off YOU! Everyone’s body is different so you must figure out what your best feature is. Whether it’s your perfect jaw line, long legs or your favorite outfit, show it off and be proud! Practice at home with a point and shoot camera in front of a mirror. Ask close friends on what sides or poses work for you.

How about to slim the face?

  • Tilt you head up slightly while turning it 3/4 — or angle your camera slightly above your head while tilting your face halfway.. never take a photo from eye’s level it will flatten your face.

Which celebrity is the best at working the red carpet and why? Do they have a trademark pose?

  • Putting one foot over the other, turning your hip slightly and placing arms over the waist is classic pose for celebrities like Blake Lively.
  • Also, take note on how Angelina Jolie made a typical pose for the cameras all her own by showing off her legs at this year’s Academy Awards!

Now, let’s talk beauty! Obviously, when you’re in the public eye, you want to look your best not just for the camera, but in public too. Astrid gives us tips on WHAT MAKEUP LOOKS GOOD for print as well as in person.

What is the best type of makeup to use for photography purposes, but is still easily wearable in public? Such as products that photograph best at events. 

  • I’m a huge fan of Dior skin foundation, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, YSL Touche de Eclat foundation / correction pen and the Smashbox HD line! You also don’t want to put much finishing powder over your makeup or make your complexion too dewy.
  • Spray on foundation looks too caked-on — I like to start with lightly applying foundation in small even layers and accent the eyes, lips with a touch of blush.

Who always presents the best face (makeup wise) for events?

  • Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence show off their natural features by NOT piling on the makeup…same with Kerry Washington, Halle Berry and Frieda Pinto. Makeup should enhance your look, not hide it.

What is the most disastrous thing you’ve seen a celebrity do (beauty wise) that ruined their picture (no names needed!)

  • I’ve seen orange spray tan skin overpower a beige nude colored dresses. I’ve also seen celebrities put to much eye makeup on that it looks almost Halloween-ish, so much so, that you can barely see their eyes. I saw photos of an A-list actress with highlighting powder all over her face because the camera flash caught it..always test your finished makeup with a photo! Cameras can sometimes see what your eye’s can’t!

Confession. When I’m going out somewhere and I do a full-on face of makeup, I always take a pic to make sure I don’t look hilarious. I’m SO HAPPY that Astrid gave that as a tip, because I felt like I was a little silly until I read that lol YAY for being smart and normal!

Stay tuned for part 2! Where I’ll be showcasing some of Astrid’s best photos from all of her shows at the end of Fashion Week!

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