Makeup Wars ~ Favorite Fall Polish: Sephora + Pantone Universe CRADLE PINK, PARACHUTE PURPLE Jewel Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

In the last installment of

Makeup Wars

, you got to check out what our

favorite makeup brushes

were. For this post, we’re going to the nails. And, with it being Fall (kinda-sorta-almost), what better time to introduce you to our favorite nail shades for Fall?

For my Fall mani, I like to head into the jewel-toned, vampy area. Especially on my toes. For my tips, I like to keep it fun and kick it up a notch with something fun.

This year, Sephora has teamed up with Pantone Universe to create several nail polish shades to add the fancy to your mani. In addition to Rose Dawn, Evergreen, Reflecting Pond, and Violet Quartz, we have today’s shades of Cradle Pink and Parachute Purple!

What the Sephora website has to say about Jewel Lacquer:

What it is:
A thrilling collection of nail lacquers inspired by exotic gems, precious jewels, and vivid natural beauty.

What it does:
Fall under the spell of the Alchemy of Color Collection, an enchanting collaboration between Pantone Universe and Sephora that marries the hottest shades of the season with exclusive formulation and finish. The collection includes a kaleidoscope of colors and each of the multi-dimensional lacquers feature an innovative texture and futuristic finish, from metallic, to sparkle, iridescent, and never-seen-before metallic matte. The formulas are long-wearing, chip-resistant, and promise full-color payoff. Bring the brilliant hues to life as you mix and match to create your own magic.

What else you need to know:
This collection takes inspiration from Pantone’s View Colour Planner Autumn/ Winter 12-13 Book, predicting a radiant color breakthrough in fall 2012 and a leap into bright reds, energizing oranges, and sumptuous purples. Each formula is formaldehyde-free and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)-free.

Cradle Pink

Cradle Pink has a clear base featuring pink, angelic iridescent shimmers. It totally looks like a fairy sneezed on my nails. Fairy snot. One coat was used in the swatch photo.

Parachute Purple

Parachute Purple is a bluish purple with blue green shimmer. It’s said this is kind of a dupe for RBL Scrangie… unfortunately I don’t have the RBL here to compare to, but you can check out polish insomniacs post! The formula was a little thick on this one, but still workable. And, of course, the shade is gorgeous… which makes everything forgivable. This one is like a Dragon sneezed on me. Dragon Snot. Two coats were used in the swatch photo.

Both shades applied well and evenly. I enjoy the thicker type of brush that is included with these polishes. As my first experience with a Sephora + Pantone Universe polish, I’m pleased!

Obviously, for purposes of all things Fall, I enjoy the deeper shade of Parachute Purple because it’s jewel-toned, yet whimsical. But, if you want to make a random creamy Fall shade just as fantastical, Cradle Pink is the way to go!

Sephora + Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer retail for $9.00 each and are available at Sephora.

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