Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker LIGHT PINK pH Powered Lip Gloss Swatches & Review


How many times have you thought to yourself… “hmmm I really needs me a lip gloss that will react to my pH for the most customized lip color ever. And, BONUS if it has a light and mirror”. That exact sentence probably hasn’t crossed your mind all that much, because what are the odds anyone would create anything so handy, yet affordable?

The odds, they are good.

Back in April when I was in Florida and met up with the Central Florida Blogging Beauties, Brittany from Clumps of Mascara busted out the coolest lip gloss ever (if you click the link above you can actually see her using the gloss in the post… if you’re into that 😉 ). The Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss complete with flashlight and mirror!

This product is available in two shades – Pink and Light Pink. I am reviewing the Light Pink because I didn’t want anything screaming out my pH all that much.

The Light Pink when swatched is a very pale pink with slight shimmer. On the lips it amps up the pigment and makes for a natural, nourished, and healthy looking pucker. The shade will react slightly differently to everyone and the website suggests waiting 60 seconds for the full adjustment process to take effect.

The gloss goes on thickly, but you won’t feel grit from the shimmer. It’s said that these will give 10 hours worth of wear (with an Astrix that says under controlled conditions lol), but if you’re eating or drinking that’s not going to happen. I mean, it’s all you if you don’t want to eat or drink for 10 hours. You’re on your own there, though.

Anyways, bottom line, this is a pretty bad “A” product. I loves. Also, I got mine at Ulta during a buy one get one half off deal, so you can get two PF items and save. The second one will be in an upcoming giveaway 😉

What do you think of this product? Do you have? Do you want? Speak it!

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss retails for $9.99 and is available at your local drugstore and at Ulta.
ETA – My DH just grabbed this gloss off of me to play with the light, shouting “This SH!+ is SICK” – LMFAO

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