Lancome GOLD PASSION Artliner Waterproof Eye Liner – Pink Safari Collection Summer 2012

And the award for biggest blogger slacker is going to ME. LOL I have had the Lancome Gold Passion 103 Artliner Waterproof Eye Liner basically since I said I needed to get it. I had the pics and everything and just now realized the post never went up. I’m sorryyyy!

But, the good news is, it’s still available!

What the Nordstrom website has to say about Lancome Artliner Waterproof Eye Liner:

Emphasize your eyes with this easy-to-handle, liquid pen featuring a uniquely shaped foam tip that lets you line, shape and define eyes to create any look you like. Rich, deep, luminous pigments offer the most intense, dramatic color. Glides on smoothly without scratching, tugging or skipping and lasts all day.

Gold Passion is (click photo to enlarge!) an aged golden brass sparkle. I love these artliners. The sponge applicator makes it easy to apply a straight and pigmented line of color.

The staying power is insane. It’s been on my eye ball all day with no primer or shadow… nothing …and it hasn’t faded, cracked, moved… it stayed where I put it without fuss. My kids could learn a thing or two!

Other shades released with this collection were Bronze Desire and Pink Luxe (which I swatched but seemed to be rather sheer and not very “luxe” like so I passed).

Lancome Artliner Waterproof Eye Liner retails for $29.50. As of this blog post you can still purchase online at Nordstrom.

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