Rebecca Minkoff Embossed M.A.C. Clutch in Natural Photos & Review

Nordstrom made me do it. That’s probably not entirely accurate.

What began as a quick trip to the mall (specifically to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale makeup from Chanel) ended in a fashion frenzy. For some reason, in my head, when I hear Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I think two things – Fall preview, and (of course) makeup. It really never occurred to me that handbags would be included in this, and discounted. Call it mommy brain.. I do.

Apparently, it was fate that I parked by the entrance to the handbags area. I always walk through and check out what’s new. I can’t help it. Plus, when I’m sans children, it’s a lot more fun. On a table we see designer purses marked down in honor of the sale. Obviously, this requires a deeper look. Immediately, my eye goes to a snakeskin pattern. That’s just how I roll.

Imagine the huge and really rather goofy grin that spread over my face when I saw it was a Rebecca Minkoff Embossed M.A.C. Clutch (though, to me I say snakeskin… the color is actually listed as Natural). I needed a bag like this. Okay. Again. Not accurate. No one NEEDS a handbag when they have as many as I do… but really, I WAS in the market for a nicer, not so huge bag for Fall. This one was perfect, and on sale. WIN.

So, let’s check it out, shall we?

This one is a bit bigger than the Mini M.A.C. and not a cross body. It’s a lovely shoulder bag with a lot more room than you’d imagine, lined with the usual blue and black Rebecca Minkoff interior. Above is a shot of the front, which features the zippers with tassels and a clip lock in the front. You can open that for a small pocket… perfect for keeping notes, lists… flat things (you don’t want the front to bulge.. that would just be bizarre).

The back of the bag is just plain, no pockets. The bottom has black studs to help save the leather from disgusting things that live on floors.

I’m also in LOVE with the black chain hardware. The bag is gorgeous, but that black hardware just makes all the difference on it.

Interior of the main bag has a nice big zippered pocket on one side. Parallel to that are two smaller pockets for holding a cell phone and other mini-type awesome girl essentials.

Oh, and, for another dose of magnificence, the interior piping is also the snakeskin! GORG!

The Rebecca Minkoff Embossed M.A.C. Clutch retails for $350. I believe mine was $212.00 at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which is now over… eek) and I had one of those Nordstrom Notes giving me another $20 off. You can also purchase this at Zappos.

… and yes, I bought some Chanel too (to be reviewed).

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