Influenster MOM Voxbox 2012 Breakdown & Review

Influenster is a site that gives people the opportunity to join, earn badges, and have a chance to review products. Check out the site for a look at the member benefits.

I signed up for Influenster last October but this Mom VoxBox marks only my second shipment from them. The last box was beauty, so this one should be a little different! I’m excited to share with you what is inside!!

The Influenster MOM Voxbox 2012

What’s inside?!


Because every mom loves a good coupon, we see two in this VoxBox from imPRESS and Stash Tea.

Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookie & Nektar Honey Crystals

The cookie wasn’t really that tasty… wouldn’t buy them. I love an oatmeal cookie but the flavor on this one by Quaker rivaled that of cardboard with raisins. The Nektar Honey Crystals go along well with the included tea. Love honey, and crystals are so much less messy!

Dino Lingo Language Learning Programs for Kids Demo DVD

My kids immediately wanted to check this out. Very smart to use dinosaurs! I haven’t heard of the company, but the kids are into it, so it’s a YAY!

Stash Herbal & Green Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler and Ivory Bar Soap

You get 18 tea bags in 6 flavors. Love me some tea, but really only in the winter. This will do nicely in a few months 😉 Can’t go wrong with tea and superfruit!! As for the soap, I love the smell of Ivory. I have a reaction to anything but Safeguard, but DH is loving that he got a little somethin somethin. It’s the little things… lol

imPRESS Press-On Manicure & DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks

This is so I have something to do while my kids watch that DVD… don some press on nails and pick my teeth *banjo music*. JUST KIDDING. Anyway, not a fan of the press on nails… the ones I’ve tried before from imPRESS do not last a week… at least not on me and I have two kids that are constantly active… I DO love the Dentek. A pick and a flosser? Genius. Sign me up.

DenTek Fun Flossers

Look, you guys… my kids can pick at their teeth too. LOL I’m a bowl of funnies today. Flossers like this make it BEYOND easy to floss your kids teeth without a fight. Mine actually ASK us to do it. No excuses, people!

I thought this VoxBox was pretty decent. For the most part, it was full of items that pertain to being a mom and life with kids. You should definitely check out Influenster if you like to sample and review products, especially since it’s a free service… what can it hurt?

Click HERE to read the Influenster About section and to register. I don’t get credit for sign-ups, but you should still check it out

***The Influenster MOM VoxBox was sent to me free of charge. ANYONE can apply for this service, as described above. Opinions on the products, as always, are honest.

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