MAC To Catch A Sailor Lipstick Swatches and Review – Hey, Sailor!

I just need to start this post off with a PSA – I’m a little giddy. Today marks the first day I’m HOME ALONE. I dropped BOTH kidlets off at Summer Camp! My little one only goes for 3 hours, while my son will be there for 5, but STILL. 3 hours of ME TIME. I’m unsure what this means or how to maximize it after so long, but I’m excited! Okay, not gonna lie… a little sad too… I really didn’t think my daughter would let me leave without a fight… she totally did. =\

Okay, so on to the makeups!

Recently MAC launched their always anticipated Summer 2012 3-part Collection. This year it’s entitled Hey, Sailor! This post will focus on To Catch A Sailor Lipstick, which is part of the Colour Collection. I mean, really, who DOESN’T have ‘To Catch A Sailor‘ on their bucket list? No? You’re lying.

What the MAC website has to say about Hey, Sailor! Lipsticks:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street…or at sea! Packaged in blue and white stripes, it’s a match to everything Hey, Sailor! Limited edition.

3 g / 0.1 US oz

To Catch A Sailor is described as a highly frosted tan. Perfect description. With a shade that has a frost finish and can be a tad drying, if you plan on wearing it alone, do make sure to exfoliate those lips before applying. I have it on good authority that Sailor’s don’t dig flaky lips.

Few people will be able to pull this shade off on it’s own without looking like you’re hot off the set of Dynasty (Google it), but as you can see below, when paired with Blessedly Rich Lipglass it’s TO DIE FOR!

Those two lip products were made for each other.

For more information on this collection, please see the Official Press Release.

MAC Hey, Sailor Lipsticks retail for $15.50 and are available at your local MAC Counter or Store, as well as at To Catch A Sailor is Limited Edition.

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