Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Review

Moroccan Oil is the new “it” product for hair. The word is, that the Oil of Morocco will be the end all be all for your hair woes. For those of us that crave healthy, shiny, TV commercial hair, the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil line is the ticket.

What the Marc Anthony website has to say about Argan Oil:

“We often look to beauty secrets of the past as inspiration for now. One of the greatest ancestral beauty secrets comes from Morocco – Argan Oil. It is really a ‘super oil’ because it has so many benefits – strengthening, moisturizing, shine, damage relief, and the list goes on. When you buy Argan Oil for your hair you’re getting one of the best natural resources for healthy looking hair.”
– Marc Anthony Stylist Team

Argan Oil – the foundation for the Oil of Morocco collection. This powerful Moroccan oil, with an added boost of strengthening Keratin, has been infused into each product to create a full system for high moisture and unbeatable strength. It starts with your wash to rid hair of impurities while gently moisturizing; then to your condition for super hydration, shine and restoration. Finally a daily lightweight oil treatment to impart strength, add shine and control frizz.

Unlike the Keratin treatment, Marc Anthony Argan Oil not only smoothed my hair, but let the volume shine through. It’s like getting everything you want – no fly-aways and frizz, but still some bounce!

The Shampoo and Conditioner smell wonderful, and you can use them like you would any other. You need to be SURE that you don’t over use the Argan Oil treatment. For my hair, two drops was plenty (it goes a LONG way). For shorter hair one drop, longer 3-4. As long as you’re using it correctly, you’ll reap the benefits!

I did notice that the Argan Oil reacted slightly better with my hair when using the coordinating Shampoo and Conditioner than it did when I just used a random brand. Luckily, it’s super affordable, so cost is a non-issue.

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil can be purchased at these locations. The Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $7.99 each, and the Argan Oil Treatment is also $7.99. This brand is easily accessible, affordable, and the products WORK. You can’t ask for much more!

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