Sleep ‘N Beauty Silk Pillowcase Review & Giveaway Information

Are you tired of waking up with unsightly creases in your face? Men and Women have enough to worry about with aging to have to deal with “morning pillow face” on top of everything else.

Sleep ‘N Beauty brings you a simple solution. A 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to rest your tired, yet beautiful head on.

From the Press Release:

Fantastic new luxury sleep product with anti-aging benefits. Sleep ‘N Beauty silk pillow cases prevent creased morning skin, helps you say good bye to bed head and stops split ends, and locks in moisture and bedtime face products while you sleep (

Research has shown that silk contains a natural protein and 18 essential amino acids can counter the effects of aging, especially in the facial skin and can help calm the nervous system. Silk also contains natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells; thus helping to reduce signs of aging.

“Persistently pressing our faces into a pillow causes trauma to the skin. Over time, this trauma, aggravated by the friction of a cotton pillowcase, can create permanent creases as our collagen breaks down.” – Dr. Samuel J. Stegman – Dermatologic Surgeon

Sleep ‘N Beauty is the ultimate luxury for skin and hair, an anti-aging pillow case for woman of all ages. The Sleep ‘N Beauty pillow case is made from 100% all natural, undyed, chemical free, 19 momme mulberry silk and is hypo-allergenic (

I’ve been using this pillowcase for a few weeks now, and have noticed the hair framing my face (which is usually riddled with horrible cowlicks in the morning) lays a lot more flat and smooth. And, of course, there are no creases on my face. I also found it a lot easier to fall asleep with a cool pillowcase under my head. With Summer rapidly approaching, I need all the help I can get to not be too hot during the night (DH is a furnace!).

Currently, the Queen size pillowcase retails for $79.99 and the King size for $89.99. If you check out their twitter page, you’ll likely find a coupon code there!

While you’re there, why not enter a giveaway? From now until June 1st, Sleep ‘N Beauty is hosting a “Get Ready for Summer” Giveaway! It’s unbelievably easy! All you have to do is follow @mysleepnbeauty on Twitter and you’re automatically entered!

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