Mia Hair Accessories Clip-­n-­Dipped Ends – Color without the Commitment

Mia Hair Accessories presents Clip-­n-­Dipped Ends, the solution for those of us that want to try out funky hair, but just when the mood strikes.

I’ve always been super interested in colorful hair, but am a complete chicken when it comes to taking the plunge and getting an out there dye job. So, it was actually pretty fitting that I got a purple shade of hair dipped in hot pink!

From the Press Release:

Chic sheath dress – check. Darling kitten heals – check. Classic diamond studs – check. Hot pink tipped ponytail – hardly. Not many 9-­‐to-­‐5 jobs allow you to rock the Technicolor dip dyed hair trend being seen everywhere from Hollywood starlets to Fall fashion runways. Now you can get the look without the color commitment with Clip-­n-­Dipped Ends™ from Mia® Hair Accessories!

No matter your daytime style, Mia® Clip-­‐n-­‐Dipped Ends™ provide that daring detail you crave. With six styles to choose from, get creative and show off your wild side at a moment’s notice. Rock a boho-­‐inspired turned up turquoise center part for brunch and punk rock purple topknot later that night. Simply part hair, open clip, Clip-­‐n-­‐Dipped Ends™, style as want and go. And unlike permanent hair color, Mia® Clip-­‐n-­‐Dipped Ends™ keep you from getting stuck in a style rut by wearing the same shade for weeks on end.

The clips are more like little combs, and were very easy to insert. The hair feels nice and styles in a snap. I even used them to do up my sister-in-law Julie’s hair on Mother’s Day!

Now we’re ready to rock!

Each package contains two reusable extensions and retail for $10.00 at Harmon/Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS and www.miabeauty.com. For additional information regarding the Mia® Clip-­‐n-­‐Dipped Ends™ or the Mia® Hair Accessories Collection, please visit www.miahair.com.

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