Target Beauty Bag for Spring 2012

This is just sort of a random “In case you wondered what was in there” post. This year, Target did something a little different with their Beauty Bag Freebie. You had to have made a qualifying beauty purchase to sign up, random terms and conditions… etc. So, that was good and bad. Good because they didn’t run out of stock in a heartbeat… bad because you had to make a specific purchase at Target to qualify.

However. The Target Style Facebook Page had an app where you could sign up and receive the bag and it’s contents without purchase! YAY! So I did and I gots.

Here’s what was inside:

I flipping LOVE the little bag. Perfectly sized, vibrant, and fun.

Loved the contents, I took it all on vacation with me (except the conditioner, because it had no shampoo.. again, wtf… Target, Birchbox, Glam… come on now.)

Did you sign up to receive the Target Beauty Bag for Spring? What did you think?

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