Marc Anthony EASY-LITES Instant Highlighting Spray Photos and Review

With the Summer season rapidly approaching I think we’re all ready for a change. Though this wasn’t the worst Winter on record (I’d say we got off pretty light, which means we’ll get blizzards of snow next year), the months are longer and way more “blah”.

The easiest change to make is with your hair color. Marc Anthony makes the change all that much easier and more affordable with Easy-Lites Instant Highlighting Spray.

The concept of Easy-Lites Instant Highlighting Spray is to either add in natural highlights to your hair color without the fuss of a salon, or spritzing all over to lighten your entire head of hair.

In two steps you can have gorgeous and natural looking highlights! Just grab a section of hair, spray Easy-Lites from root to end, and run the flat iron over that section 5-7 times.

My hair is already lightened a bit from doing hair dye, but there was a noticeable brightening effect on the strands where Easy-Lites was applied.

A great tip is to do smaller sections at a time. I noticed that when I tried bigger sections the highlighted area wasn’t as noticeable.

There is no chemical smell, but I did detect a very faint vinegar odor. Easy-Lites is also enriched with Chamomile Flower and Fruit Blend Extracts to keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Easy-Lites Instant Highlighting Spray retails for $8.99. You can get these products at Ulta, CVS, Rite-AId… and even internationally. Click here for a full list of locations.

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