3LAB ‘Perfect’ BB Cream SPF 40 PA+++ Swatches and Review

It’s possible that I’ve just woken up from a coma. There is no other excuse as to why I haven’t tried out 3LAB ‘Perfect’ BB Cream.

What the Nordstrom website has to say about 3LAB ‘Perfect’ BB Cream SPF 40 PA+++:

What it is: Exceptional blemish balm that illuminates while fighting aging, soothing irritation and protecting against harmful external aggressors.

What it does:
– Treats fine lines/wrinkles.
– Minimizes discoloration.
– Brightens.
– Encourages skin-cell renewal.
– Protects against oxidative stress.
– Provides clarity.

Key ingredients:
– Biotechnologically extracted apple stem cells protect longevity of skin stem cells; help in wound healing and collagen production; delay senescence; preserve a youthful look.
– Nano Clair GY: Patented Human Growth Hormone (hGH) treats fine lines and wrinkles.
– ß-White: Biomimetic peptide encapsulated in a liposome vehicle that whitens skin by inhibiting melanin synthesis.
– E-Mortal: Hydrolized pea protein activates stem/skin cells and promotes collagen production; clinically proven to reduce wrinkles.
– Ascorbyl glucoside stimulates collagen synthesis and acts as a potent whitening agent by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin.
– Sedaplant Richter: Herbal extract soothes skin and reduces irritation.
– Adenosine increases DNA/protein synthesis.
Licorice root extract improves the appearance of dry/damaged skin with anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties.
– Allantoin: Antibacterial; soothing.
– Sodium PCA moisturizes and promotes elasticity.
– Sodium hyaluronate: Moisturizing agent.
– Panthenol: Moisturizing and tissue-repairing agent that protects against sunburn, provides relief for existing sunburn and enhances the natural tanning process.
– Vitamin E acetate: A natural antioxidant to help prevent free-radical damage.

  • 1.5 oz.

3LAB ‘Perfect’ BB Cream is available in three shades – Light, Medium, and Dark. For the purposes of this blog post (and which is swatched above thickly then as it moves right it’s more blended in) I’ll be using Medium. For reference I wear NC25 in MAC, so that might help you determine what color you’re looking for.

This BB Cream provides excellent coverage while still illuminating the face, hiding blemishes and discoloration, and fighting the evil sun. The formula feels amazing on – not watery and not heavy. Thankfully, there is also no scent.

While wearing this product on your face you’re not only hiding imperfections and renewing your skin, but it’s also acting as a barrier to the sun – which can cause wrinkles and the big “C”. My other makeup also seems to apply and wear better when used on top of this.

While this BB Cream is on the pricier end of the spectrum at $95.00 a pop, you really don’t need to apply a ton to get the coverage you desire. It’s also acting as your foundation, sunscreen, and anti-aging products all in one.

Out of all of the BB Creams I’ve tried, this is my favorite. Of course I like to save money, but when something works, you can’t put a price tag on it.

If you’d like to check out 3LAB ‘Perfect’ BB Cream SPF 40 PA+++ for yourself, you can pick it up at Nordstrom and 3lab.com.

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