GlossyBox Hits the USA! Check Out What’s Inside! (PIC Heavy)

This month, the internationally buzzed about beauty subscription service GlossyBox will be opening it’s cyber doors to subscribers in the United States.

Currently available in 19 countries, GlossyBox has become known for their high quality samples and prestigious brands such as NARS, Lancome, Laura Mercier, and more.

I must admit… I’ve seen some international bloggers post about their GlossyBox and I was definitely wanting the service to become available here. Over the moon doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt when GlossyBox emailed me and offered a sneak peek!

First off, I want to show you what the GlossyBox looks like and share with you what was inside:

So far, major points for packaging, style, and presentation.

The cards on top:

First we have a Trend Guide. What this does is show you the latest trends from “Austria to Taiwan” to serve as inpiration. In the back, there is a blank section where you can “complete the trend” and write whatever suits your fancy… such as a shopping list… play tic tac toe… get some phone numbers (after all… it IS a little black book).

The next card is just basically a run down of what is included in your box and a description.

As we open the box, the top product is a sample set of a collection of cremes by Erno Laszlo. This collection is entitled the “Hollywood Collection” because it’s inspired by Ava, Katharine, Marilyn, Grace, and Greta.

I’m in the middle of a skincare trial from another brand, so I haven’t tried these yet. But they look interesting, though I wouldn’t be able to speak about the effects because of the size… not big enough to actually test, just enough to try.

As we put the Erno aside, the rest of the contents appear:

First, a full size OPI Nail Polish in the shade Kiss Me on my Tulips. I didn’t swatch this for here because I already have it (it’s from the Holland Collection) but if you want to see this color on the nail, you can check out my swatches here.

Next, a full size Cargo EyeBronzer Eye Shadow. This applied so nicely and I love the applicator. A win! (swatch will be shown below with the next item)

Moving on, another full size item, Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee. I loved the color when swatched (holy pigment, Batman) but on the lips the formula seemed to separate rather oddly. It would be better suited as a topper for a lipstick. The shine is definitely there, though, with a low rating on the sticky meter.

Next we have some hair care – C.O. Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Shampoo. I adore this brand. There is literally no product by them that I dislike. This is a full size bottle, but I’d have rather had travel sized bottles of a shampoo and conditioner because I hate to mix hair products. For the final product, Basq Cucumber Tea Eye Gel. I LOVE THIS! It feels great and is perfect for soothing tired and puffy eyes.

Now, let’s break this down.

GlossyBox is a subscription service. You sign up on the website and then from there you can order your subscription based on one month, six months, or a year. You’ll answer a series of questions and based off of that, you will receive a customized box. This is all pretty standard for a beauty subscription service.

The price is a bit higher than that of other services you may have heard of or belong to. At $21 I would expect double the awesomeness of what I’d receive from, say, Birchbox.

GlossyBox will always offer a MINIMUM of five products. After receiving your box, you can fill out more surveys in order to rate the products you received so they can better tailor your next package. So, basically, after a few months of the service, your packages should be PERFECT.

Now. Here is the kicker. GlossyBox is NOT a full sized subscription. I don’t want you all to look at this post and think “Holy moly, all that full sized goodness for $21?!” Super sleuth blogger Pink Sith spoke via email with GlossyBox reps and found out that because this particular box was “promotional” to celebrate the US launch, all products were full size. However it was stated that there will still be a minimum of 5 products and one will be full size.

It’s hard to say whether or not I think this service will be worth it. I think $21 might be a bit high for just ONE full sized product. Like, if the full-size product received is an OPI… then that is only $8.50 retail. A far cry from $21. BUT if it’s something like the Cargo Eye Bronzer, a $22.00 retail value… then that is a bit easier to get on board with. $15.00 a month might be more reasonable, since there are SO MANY other subscription box services out there.

What do you think of GlossyBox? Are you interested? Will you be signing up or are you going to hang back until you see posts and reviews of the actual boxes that will be received by members?

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