NARS Amchoor, Kutki, and Lal Mirchi Nail Polish Swatches and Review – THAKOON for NARS Nail Collection

The THAKOON for NARS Nail Collection is not for the faint of heart. For this collection, six shades were released in stop-your-heart shades ranging from pinks, to blues, to yellow and orange!

I have three of these shades to share with you today in Amchoor, Kutki, and Lal Mirchi.


(indoors, with flash)

(outside, in sun, no flash)

Amchoor is yellow. Straight school bus color yellow. This cream had decent application, but did need the full three coats to get it as even as possible. Out of all of the yellow creams I’ve tried in the past, Amchoor is my favorite!


(indoors, with flash)

(outside, in sun, no flash)

Kutki is a sky blue cream. I was more impressed with this color than I thought I would be. It’s very cheerful and looks fabulous on the nail! Three coats were used in the swatch photo, but I think you could get away with two thick coats.

Lal Mirchi

(indoors, with flash)

(outside, in sun, no flash)

Lal Mirchi is a bold reddened tangerine. This one applied the best out of the three I’ve reviewed here. It’s definitely my favorite in terms of application, color, and look. Two coats were needed for the swatch photo.

Overall. Colors to get – well…. basically whatever suits YOU the best. These are some wicked shades and each person will see that their personality is suited best towards a particular polish. Which shade do you gravitate towards?

The THAKOON for NARS Nail Collection will be available on beginning May 1. The shades will retail for $18.00 each.

For more information, please see the Official Press Release.

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