Le Métier de Beauté Introduces “Golden Gate Girl” An Exclusive Kaleidoscope Eye Palette for the Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco

April 2012 – In celebration of the launch of Le Métier de Beauté in Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco, Le Métier de Beauté will host an exclusive event with Regional Artist Richard Marquez, April 25-­‐28, 2012, to unveil the “Golden Gate Girl” custom Kaleidoscope Eye Kit. Exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco, customers will be the first to view and purchase the limited-­‐edition palette and may schedule one-­‐on-­‐one personal consultations with Mr. Marquez himself.

In creating this palette, Le Métier de Beauté’s Director of Color Mikey Castillo took inspiration from Alicia Drake’s legendary fashion tome, “The Beautiful Fall.” An opulent retelling of the glorious excess of 1970s Paris, the court intrigue of competing fashion houses, and the beautiful designs that were born out of that struggle to be the most fashionable.

“Golden Gate Girl” Kaleidoscope Eye Kit (pictured) includes four beautiful True Colour Eye Shadow shades (top to bottom):
-­‐ Satin rose petal pink
-­‐ Beautiful pale amethyst
-­‐ Warm rhubarb
-­‐ Sultry cinnamon gold

Weightless, true-­‐to-­‐color pigments, Le Métier de Beauté True Colour Eye Shadow is an ultra-­‐fine powder which possesses a superior blendability and outstanding color payoff with adjustable coverage, transparency and intensity. Le Métier de Beauté core line of 32 shadows is available in a range gorgeous color and finishes including matte, shimmer and satin.

“Golden Gate Girl” is one of three limited-­‐edition palettes inspired by “The Beautiful Fall;” “Shades of Short Hills” is exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue at The Mall at Short Hills and “On The Coast” is exclusive to Saks.com.

To book your personal one-­‐on-­‐one consultation with Mr. Marquez, please call Lawrence Quijada at (415) 986-­‐ 4300.

About Couches de Couleur
Le Métier de Beauté’s signature application technique is comprised of four hues that to give maximum contrast to the wearer’s eye color. Known as the “Couches de Couleur” (layering of color), each hue is selected to evoke one of each element in a sequence of crescendo: 1. Warm 2. Cool 3. Hot 4. Cold. Each layer of application then increases the intensity of contrast, but is always flattering because of the initial blanket of warmth, in this case a champagne apricot. Worn alone or in combination, the “Golden Gate Girl” hues have it all.

About Le Métier de Beauté’s Kaleidoscope Eye Kits
Le Métier de Beauté kaleidoscopes achieve their beauty not through a singular color, but through the interactions between them. A kaleidoscope may contain four individual colors, but through reflection and light, depth and dimension, each combination always looks fresh and distinctive. This same principle is at the core of Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope collections. Each shadow or gloss can be worn alone, but it is how the shades interact and play upon each other that yields an incomparable result. This is why Le Métier de Beauté’s signature layering technique, “Couche de Couleur,” is such a vital part of each kaleidoscope; the shades in each collection are chosen to convey the artist’s vision. Changing one shade impacts the prismatic end-­‐result achieved through layering, and yields entirely new range of color possibilities – and yet, not the artist’s intended result. With a few exceptions with our very early palettes, no shade that appears in a kaleidoscope can be found in our permanent line of singles. And, although kaleidoscopes may contain similarities, each shade is hand-­‐picked by the artist to communicate their inspired vision. Staying true to our artists’ vision and maintaining the integrity of their inspiration is critical to Le Métier de Beauté.

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