MAC Almond Blossom, Sweet Bean, Black Tea Sheen Supreme Lipglass Swatches and Review – Too Supreme

MAC has added a new addition to their line of Sheen Supreme! With the recently launched Too Supreme Collection we not only get a reminder of the Sheen Supreme Lipsticks (which are permanent) but we get our first experience with Sheen Supreme Lipglass!

For this post, I have three of the shades to share with you – Almond Blossom, Sweet Bean, and Black Tea.

What the MAC website has to say about Sheen Supreme Lipglass:

Fusing soft succulent shades with smooth, lush, pearl-rich shine, this Lipglass puts a high gloss twist on Sheen Supreme’s signature finish. Slick, clickable pen-style applicator with a super soft brush delivers shine in one stroke.

(L-R: Almond Blossom, Sweet Bean, Black Tea)

Almond Blossom

Almond Blossom(pale pink with high level pearl) is a sheer beige with an opalescent gleam. This shade is soft enough to wear with any shade, or alone for a bit of sparkle.

Sweet Bean

Sweet Bean(cool beige with pearl) is a mauve base with shimmer. Using this shade alone doesn’t really look all that pretty in the swatch photo, but those pink specks are less apparent on the lip when you don’t have a macro setting on.

Black Tea

Black Tea(deep brown with pearl) is a blackberry shade with a light shimmer. This Lipglass seems to settle in the lips, so make sure you smush your lips together a bit after applying.

The formula on these lipglass quite literally feels like glass. It’s thick, but not sticky. You really have to wear it to feel just how amazing this sits on your lips. Be aware as the lipglass disappears it will start to feel a bit tacky.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass retail for $19.00 and are Limited Edition. They are available at as well as your local MAC counter or store. My counters are mostly sold out, so I suggest calling ahead to check on availability.

For more information, please see the Official Press Release.

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