MAC Hush, Hush Tendertone Lip Balm Swatches and Review – Shop MAC, Cook MAC

Everyone always loses it when MAC releases Tendertones. They are such an amazing cult product!

Tendertones have been out several times already, and with the Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection we’re seeing four of them resurface – Hot N’ Spicy, Purring, Tread Gently, and today’s post of Hush, Hush.

What the MAC website has to say about Tendertone Lip Balm:

The next generation lip conditioner that combines the look of a gloss and the conditioning benefits of a balm with SPF 12 sun protection. Features a light strawberry-kiwi flavour. 6 ml / 0.2 US fl oz

Hush, Hush(sheer gold with yellow gold pearl) is a light, sheer balm with subtle gold shimmer. It’s not gritty at all and barely sticky (not as sticky as a lipglass, but there is a tiny bit of stick). Tendertones are very moisturizing and look good alone or dabbed over a lipstick for added shine.

Tendertone Lip Balm retails for $15.00 and can be purchased at, as well as at your local MAC counter or store. Unfortunately, Tendertones are limited edition and all are sold out online except Purring. Tread Gently has a Coming Soon by it. The others you can call your local MAC for availability.

For more information, please see the Official Press Release.

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