Giorgio Armani 01 STEEL BLACK Eyes To Kill Eye Color Trio Palette Swatches, Review, Eye Look

While exploring the realm of Armani, one of the first shadow palettes I gravitated towards was the Eyes To Kill Eye Color Trio in Steel Black (or #01). A lot of the shadows looked beautiful, but when I’m trying out a new (to me) brand, I tend to stick with colors I know I’ll like.

What the Nordstrom website has to say about Eyes To Kill Eye Color Trios:

Dress the eye in bold, intense, seductive, smoky tones—the true Armani signature. Eyes to Kill eyeshadow palettes come in bold shades to fully arm the Armani eye. Each palette includes a Deadly Deep Eyeliner in the center, a Gaze Luminescent Highlighter and a Daring Eyeshadow wrapped around the rim.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eye Color Trio in Steel Black #01 contains the following colors:

Centre: steel black eyeliner (satin finish)
Middle: lustrous white pearl highlighter (satin finish)
Exterior: metallic black grey eye shadow (metallic finish)

The exterior color is more of a brownish grey taupe when used, but the other two descriptions are spot on. These shadows were easy to apply and blend, and lasted all day. The black shade gave quite a bit of fall out, but I don’t think this will be an issue if you use it wet as a liner. If you use it dry, be prepared for clean up.

My only major gripe with this palette is that the rings are a hair too small to comfortably dip your brush into for application. The MAC 239 won’t fit the whole way on to only one color so you have to be careful. Shadow dust also migrates between shades, so you have to blow off the excess when you’re finished.

For the eye look, I didn’t use this as described above. I made it a bit smokier. Beginning with UDPP, I then applied the exterior shade all over the lid, through and above the crease. I added the centre shade in the outer V and outer crease. I took a bit more of the centre shade and blended the crease out. After that, I took the middle shade and added it to the inner corners and to highlight. Chanel Le Crayon Kohl in Noir was used for a liner and was smudged with the exterior shade, and I used Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara to finish up the look.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eye Color Trio retails for $59.00 and is available at Nordstrom. If you want to call in use 412-548-4300, ask for the Armani counter and make sure to ask for David!

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