Cellnique Skincare Review – Contour Reversal Cream, Skin Action Sebum Gel, and D’Sensi Calming and Hydrating Cream

Cellnique is a Malaysian based International Skincare Company and is 

The Expert of Problematic Skin. All Cellnique products are formulated with Cx Formulation. Cx Formulation is an advanced in-clinic formulation that combines the power of biological active ingredients, natural plant extracts, antioxidants and a bio-active delivery system, offering the best performance for immediate and visible results.

As you read this review, please bear in mind that everyone has different skin and I can only review these products based off of my skin type and needs.


Contour Reversal Cream

The Contour Reversal Cream (MYR 189.00, roughly $59.60 USD for 15ml) is an anti-aging eye cream that you are to apply around and under the eye area to evaporate wrinkles and diminish dark eye circles.

I don’t seem to have too much darkness under they eye area to notice much of a change there, but it is a bit smoother and my smile lines (I refuse to call them wrinkles at 31 lol) on the outer corners of the eye have faded.

The packaging is stellar in that the applicator is a pump. You only need one pump to use on both eyes.

Skin Action Sebum Gel

Skin Action Sebum Gel (MYR 159.00, roughly $50.14 USD for 30ml) is a serum designed to clear out blackheads and whiteheads. This is Cellnique’s best seller.

I personally experience light breakouts. After I had my kids my breakouts were painful. Now that I have that under control I am looking for something to use daily to help that is just a usual serum. You are to apply this to your T-Zone, or anywhere that it is needed. All you need is one pump, though more will shoot out with the Sebum Gel than with the Contour Reversal Cream.

Blackheads seem to be almost gone. I never did have whiteheads, so I can’t speak to that. I get breakouts around the right jaw line area (oddly this is not where I rest a hand or a phone, what gives?!) and this didn’t help there, but it didn’t make it worse or cause anything new.

D’Sensi Calming and Hydrating Cream

D’Sensi Calming and Hydrating Cream (MYR 179.00, roughly $56.45 USD for 30g) is a light moisturizer meant to soothe and hydrate, as well as reduce redness.

This is my personal favorite of the three items sent. This helped the redness in my cheeks slightly (more on the left side than the right), and I hope with continued use it will remove the discoloration all together. This product is said to be light, but I found it rather thick and moisturizing enough to use in the evening. The cream should last quite awhile and you just need to dab all over your face and smooth on. It dries quickly leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. Even though it does contain fragrance it was not irritating to my skin.


Rundown – I have been using the three products once a day, every day for a bit over 3 weeks now, and have noticed positive results. My face is smoother, the creases near the outer corners of my eyes are less noticeable, and the redness in my cheeks has dulled. None of the products have an obnoxious odor, really none that you’d even notice, and the application is smooth.

Final verdict – this is an excellent system that will give you results yet won’t break your bank. Spend $60+ and shipping is free!

Please click the names linked above for in depth information on the individual products as well as ingredients used.

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