Orly ANDROGYNIE and OUI Nail Polish Swatches and Review – Holiday 2011

It almost seems like Orly Androgynie disappeared as soon as it was released. Like a phantom polish. I searched Sally’s every few days, and checked Ulta a few times… no dice. Finally, I hit the Sally’s by my moms house (always a good place) and scored big. It was there that the sales girl told me that Androgynie was included in a gift set! It was a minis set, but let’s be honest, it’s not like I ever use a full bottle of polish.

In a cute little candy cane tube, reminiscent of the ones that hold tiny candies, were three adorable Orly mini’s – Androgynie, Oui, and Ma Cherie. I passed Ma Cherie off to my mom (who is IN LOVE with it and insists it’s the best polish she’s ever owned) because I didn’t want another red (blasphemy, I know) and I was really only after Androgynie.

For this post I’d like to swatch and review Orly Androgynie and Oui Nail Lacquer from the 2011 Holiday Soiree Collection.

I have always loved mini bottles of polish. It both money saving and space saving, and you can’t tell me those little pretties aren’t adorable! Orly’s are nice too because they’re actually labeled! A lot of minis aren’t and you just have to guess. Though, unfortunately, I’ve hardly handled Androgynie and the name rubbed off. Boo.


Androgynie really speaks for itself. It’s an out of this world, cosmic polish. The base is black and it’s set with small and large hex glitters. I used three coats, but I could have gotten away with 2. I just wanted more of the glitters on there lol You really need to grab this one if you can, I am in LOVE and LUST.


Oui is a shade that flashes both purple and gold. This foily polish appears to have a purple base with a massive amount of gold particles laced throughout. I needed 3 full coats for the swatch photo above. It reminds me of a polish that a Sugar Plum Fairy would wear, gorgeous!

Orly Nail Polish retails around $6 for a full size bottle, this particular set of mini’s I grabbed was only $9.99 for all three and the plastic candy cane (which I threw out). I imagine, since they’ve been out awhile, that you might even be able to get these on sale. Check your local Sallys and Ulta for availability. I still see Oui quite a bit, but Androgynie is gone in this area.

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