MAC Let’s Skate Paint Pot Swatches and Review – Glitter and Ice Holiday 2011

This years trio of MAC Glitter and Ice Paint Pots are perfect for adding a holiday sparkle to whatever eye look you’re imagining. Previously I introduced you to Morning Frost, a frothy taupe, but today I bring you a sheer pale pink iridescent shimmer, Let’s Skate.

What the MAC Website has to say about Glitter and Ice Paint Pots:

Paint Pots take to the ice! Soft colours glide. Frost sparkles. Winterized shades add to the mood. With its creamy application and smooth, melt-free shine, an ultra-modern display is promised. The glossy white cap – a fabulous twist. Limited Edition.
5 g / 0.17 US oz

Let’s Skate Paint Pot(pale pink with pearl) looks as though angel dust and fairy dust had a baby. You absolutely cannot see the beautiful golden shimmer and shine that this paint pot gives off based off of pictures. The shimmer particles really pop in light so if shimmer is your thing, I don’t know how you haven’t picked this up yet. If you don’t like to shimmer or only like a bit, this is a paint pot to steer clear of.

To better show off the twinkle, here is a blurry swatch photo (which STILL doesn’t show the amount of shimmer):

MAC Glitter and Ice Paint Pots retail for $18.50, which is a dollar more than the regular paint pots. Let’s Skate is sold out on the MAC website, but I have still seen them in store, so I would call there to check on availability. These paint pots are limited edition for Glitter and Ice – Holiday 2011.

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