MAC Make It Perfect Brush Kit: Special Edition Photos and Review – Ice Parade Holiday 2011

Some of the items I was excited about the most for MAC Holiday 2011 were the brushes. I know, I know… the SE brushes are machine made and definitely not as nice as the individual full sized brushes, but these have clear handles and are sparkly! Bling gets me every time.

For my birthday, my girl Tracy in St. Louis sent me the MAC Make It Perfect Brush Kit: Special Edition as one of my gifts (she spoiled me this year!).

From the Nordstrom website:

Rare as a special edition: a chic collectible. With their glittering clear-as-ice handles and see-through snowglobe-inspired bag, this set of the 167 SE, 168 SE, 239 SE, 217 SE and 212 SE brushes is a must for your wish list!

  • Limited edition.

The brushes, while still not as fab as the full size, are still soft and are capable to get the job done. A lot of times I’m too lazy to wash my brushes so I can never have enough. I’m proud to say I have the most awesome of friends who enable my laziness with brushes 😉

How do you feel about the MAC SE brushes? Do you believe they get a bad rap since they’re machine made, or are you a fan?

The MAC Make It Perfect Brush Kit retails for $49.50 and is limited edition. You can pick it up at your local MAC store or counter (like at Nordstrom!), as well as at

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