Chanel ROSE CACHE 521 Le Vernis Nail Colour Swatches and Review

New Chanel Nail Polishes have landed!!! Three new shades have recently hit counters – Rose Cache, Pirate, and Rose Exuberant. Pirate and Rose Exuberant just seemed like your basic red and hot pink shades (though I’ve heard a lot of chatter about how beautiful Pirate is!) but the shimmers in Rose Cache called to me.

Sadly, the shimmer of Rose Cache in the bottle is no where NEAR as apparent on the nail. I do wish the shimmers showed off a bit more. I think it could have popped with a delicate, noticeable shimmer and still remained classy.

One coat gives off a nice sheer pink sheen to your nails, and would look gorgeous when paired with a french manicure.

Two coats makes this polish a bit more opaque, but still shows visible nail line.

Three coats covers the nail line and offers a creamy pink nude with very, very slight pink shimmers. The shimmers are almost unnoticeable unless you are in direct sunlight.

Cost wise, it really is just your basic (albeit beautiful) pinky nude. If the shimmers were more apparent I’d say it’s worth it, but you can get other nude shades from every brand that are just as good.

Chanel Rose Cache retails for $25.00 and has recently been launched with the Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Colour. I purchased mine at Macy’s right as soon as the truck delivered it. I’m serious, the bottle was still cold from being in the truck haha. This item is limited edition.

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