L’Oreal CHARMING COCKATOO’S BLUSH 425 Super Blendable Blush Swatches, Review – Project Runway

The final product I picked up from the L’Oreal Project Runway Collection is Charming Cockatoo’s Blush. I really wanted ALL of the blushes, and with all of the coupons and buy one get one half off deals floating around I should have. UGH… hate budgeting! MUST save for holiday collections!

Anyway, I stuck to my tried and true shades and went with Charming Cockatoo’s Blush because it is a shade that I would be able to wear consistently throughout all of the seasons.

Charming Cockatoo’s Blush really IS super blendable and easy to use. I love the softness of this blush, and (as a normally high end only blush wearer) am impressed with the longevity and quality. The color is popping more pink in the photo, but it appears more of a peachy pink on my cheeks (as you’ll see in the FOTD I’m posting later today!).

The L’Oreal Project Runway Blushes retail for $9.99. They should be available pretty much everywhere L’Oreal is sold this month. Keep your eyes peeled and grab it if you can. There is not much room on the display for product, and this collection is Limited Edition!

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