Dior OR ETOILE 217, VERSAILLES 527, NOCTURNE 961, BELLE DE NUIT 841 Rouge Dior Lipstick Swatches and Review – Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011

Out of all Holiday collections, Dior never disappoints. For 2011 they are launching Les Rouges Or, which will include 4 lipsticks, 4 nail polishes and a 5-Couleur that will have gold lovers salivating.

Today, I have all four lipsticks to show you! There is a color for everyone to love in shades Or Etoile 217, Versailles 527, Belle de Nuit 841, and Nocturne 961.

(Clockwise starting from top – Versailles, Belle de Nuit, Or Etoile, Nocturne)

(L-R: Or Etoile, Belle de Nuit, Versailles, Nocturne)

All of the lipstick shades are smooth to apply and super hydrating. They’re all infused with gold so they give the appearance of plumping. Because of this gold all of the shades run on the warm side and can appear rather frosty. In all of the swatch photos I applied the lipstick heavily to show the most color. They all can be worn sheer, or layered for pigment, though some are more pigmented than others. These wear well, but because of the glossiness and sheerness they only last a few hours on me.

Or Etoile

Or Etoile is a glitzy, very sheer frosty gold lipstick that is best for layering.

Belle de Nuit

Belle de Nuit is the most pigmented of the four shades. It’s a very warm, golden red, and likely one of my favorite lipstick colors of all time, just sayin’.


Versailles is the frostiest looking of the four shades and is a laid-back golden mauve.


Nocturne is a swanky, bright berry shade.

Dior Les Rouges Or Haute Couleur Rouge Dior Lipsticks retail for $32.00 each. These lipsticks will be limited edition and available in October 2011. I imagine we’ll see it at Dior.com first and then at Dior retailers nationwide.

Check out the Dior Les Rouges OrOfficial Press Release for more information.

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