Wet N Wild DARK BROWN 652 Coloricon Brow and Eye Liner Swatches & Review

It’s always nice to find affordable items, especially when you’re going to be trying things out of your comfort zone. Wet N Wild Coloricon Brow & Eye Liner in Dark Brown isn’t out of my personal comfort zone, but the brand carries many other shades in their line that would be an absolute blast to experiment with. Check out their website (right click/open new window) to see the shades available.

This pencil is very soft and easy to line with. The color of Dark Brown is one of my faves for lining above my upper lashes and on the water line. This pencil worked well for lining on the lid, but underneath there was migration. It stays put up top, but I would recommend skipping bottom liner, or going with another kind. Luckily, the price is right on these, so using something else underneath (whether it be another pencil or a shadow) won’t break your bank too much 😉

As for using this on the brow, it glides on very well. On me, personally, this color was way too dark. Not ALL of these pencils are going to be usable for a “normal” brow (as they come in 15 shades from up and down the color spectrum). It didn’t stick around for the long haul through the blood, sweat, and tears of my daily parenting life, but if you don’t ever sweat or find yourself in the rain, it’ll be ok.

The Wet N Wild Coloricon Brow and Eye Liner retails for $0.99 and you can pick it up at your local drugstore. Not all drugstores are created equal, so please call ahead to check on availability!

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