Julep CARRIE and ALFRE Nail Polish Swatches and Review

In August, I signed up for the Julep Maven program. Since that time, a lot of things have gone down. In a nut shell, Julep was not living up to their end of the deal on referrals and some people were being double charged. You can read more about that HERE (right click/open new window) on The Polishaholic’s blog. She posted everything very eloquently and truthfully.

I got my Maven box pretty quickly after my initial sign up, and was really pleased with the packaging and the contents. If you’re interested in seeing my initial review of the box and program, please click here (right click/open new window).

Because of everything happening as outlined in The Polishaholics post, I cancelled my Maven subscription. I wasn’t double charged, and I did receive credit for 3 referrals, though I have no idea if that is accurate. The reason I cancelled was as a preemptive measure so that the things mentioned WOULDN’T happen. I figured once I tried everything I could sign back up if I liked the products and the company got their act together.

I will not be signing back up for the program. I have no idea if Julep has redeveloped their program or fixed anything, but I wasn’t pleased with the quality of their polishes. You can get a much better quality polish for a lot less $$ wise. AND I’ve tried to email them twice and neither email has been answered. This says to me, that as of now, nothing has changed. Hopefully, they’re working on it, because this program is a GREAT idea and a GREAT deal. They need a re-vamp on their program AND their customer service.

Now, on to the swatches!

Even though I wasn’t pleased with the polishes or the program, some of you out there might be! What good do these polishes do if they aren’t swatched?! Might as well, right?!


I love the Barbie/bubble gum pink that is Carrie. But I found that this cream polish did not coat evenly, and was RUNNY as all get out. I had tip wear within a day and a pretty decent sized chip on my pointer finger. I used 3 coats for the swatch photo.


I really love the color of Alfre as well. But as a frosty polish it was streaky and runny, though it did coat much better than Carrie. I also had tip wear rather quickly with this one, and for some reason it wouldn’t dry. I used 3 coats for the swatch photo.

Julep does recommend two coats with their polishes, but 2 coats was still REALLY sparse and I felt it definitely needed a third coat. As a side note, they are a 3-free brand.

The quality just isn’t there. For $14 you could go to Ulta and buy almost 2 of another polish (from OPI, Orly, Zoya, China Glaze) that is better quality and has more product in the bottle. If the polish is quality, regardless of the price, I’ll sing it’s praises. (For example, Le Metier de Beaute polishes are $$$ for their size BUT the quality is outstanding).

Julep Nail Polish retails for $14 and can be purchased on their website.

ETA – I did just email them regarding using my credit and a possible overcharge, I received a response within 5 minutes. That’s what I’m talking about, Julep! Awesome! Very happy with that =)

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