Orly ROCK SOLID Nail Polish Swatches & Review – Mineral FX

This polish had me so stressed out. I haven’t had such a severe lemming for a nail polish in a LONG time. Rock Solid is part of the new Orly release entitled Mineral FX. This is the one that I’ve been hearing is exceedingly hard to find, so if you like the look of this polish, I would find it and buy it stat. And get a back up in case your best friend wants it too. Cause she will.

Rock Solid
is PACKED with just the right amount of holo glitter over top of a deep blackened grey base. The polish went on nicely and evenly. It’s much more pigmented and easy to work with than I expected. I used 3 coats for the swatch photo and am drooling all over myself. (click the pics to enlarge so I’m not alone with the drooling thing).

Emberstone is probably the only other polish I would like from this collection. The rest, based off of swatches, I feel like I’ve seen over and over again. Rock Solid and Emberstone are the only 2 that I feel warrant the higher price tag of this collection.

The Orly Mineral FX Collection retails for $10 each and can be found at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. (FYI, currently at Sally’s they are $7.99, but IDK how long that will last).

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