Twistband – Hip Hair Ties Review

As some of you may remember, I received my first Birchbox around mid-August and was less than enthused.

Out of everything I tried from this months Birchbox ONE product stood out among all of the others. The Twistband hair tie.

At first glance it’s like.. um, an elastic with a knot… So? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? It’s actually pretty nice. I was so impressed with the black one they sent that I ordered a set of 3 from the Birchbox website (side note, because I was new I had a 20% off code AND points for referrals and reviewing AND free shipping, so I got the Twistbands and a Lippmann nail polish for just over $6!).

These bands are great for me because with normal hair ties (and my hair is pulled back 99% of the time) I lose precious strands of hair daily. More than what I personally deem normal. With the Twistband I only lose one or two, which is much more normal than the clump I get with my regular hair tie (which are supposedly made so that your hair doesn’t get caught and rip out but they lie lol). They also offer a wide range of color choices, so extra points for that.

It seems like the Twistband brand is available randomly in salons. You can click here to check for retail locations in your state. From what I saw they are also available in Canada, Mexico, Italy, and Puerto Rico.

If you don’t see a location near you, fear not! I also picked up a set of 8 at Sephora! They aren’t the Twistband brand, they are Sephora brand, but it’s the same thing. And cheaper. A set of 3 Twistband will run you $5 whereas a set of 8 from Sephora runs you $8.

I know a lot of my readers from the US get the Birchbox, what did you guys think of Twistband?

If you haven’t tried out the Twistband yet, would you?

There is still time to sign up for the September Birchbox. If you’re interested and want a referral just send me your email (feel free to email it to me or you can message me on Facebook) and I’ll email you a referral. I do get referral points for it, so it would be appreciated 😉 but if you just want to sign up on your own that is also an option!.

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