MAC Peachstock Lipstick Swatches & Review – MAC Me Over

The one and only lipstick (which is a permanent shade at MAC PRO) I bought from MAC Me Over was Peachstock. I know it’s soon to be Fall (and I LOVE FALL!) but the vampy shades that were prominent in this collection just weren’t calling out to me. Of course, based off of swatches, they looked very beautiful, but I don’t usually turn to a darker shade of lipstick unless I’m going out with the hubbster, and with 2 kids that ain’t easy. Instead of lipsticks I wouldn’t use, I wanted to put my funds towards things I WOULD use regularly (like the blushes, shadows… etc).

Peachstock Lipstick, a creamy beige peach, may not have been on your short list for several reasons. The biggest being that it IS permanent at PRO so you could always go to a PRO store (if you have one locally) or call a store and order it (yes, ANYONE can do this, you don’t have to have a PRO card!). Another reason may be that you’re afraid it’ll wash you out. Well, that reason is valid, for me anyway.

I found that Peachstock, while beautiful in the swatch, really washed out my face when worn on the lips. It absolutely needs a gloss on top to give it a more vibrant look. What is nice is that this shade is perfection to wear with a smokey/deep eye look. My favorite lip combo with it is with the Illicit Lipglass on top, BUT Social Light really holds its own in the layering category:

(Peachstock & Illicit)

(Peachstock & Social Light)

Illicit is pretty with Peachstock, but Social Light has that light shimmer that gives Peachstock the dimension it needs to make it more wearable on everyone. So, if you don’t like the creamy look and feel of Illicit, give Social Light a try.

You can see my swatches and review of Illicit and Social Light by clicking HERE.

MAC Lipsticks retail for $14.50 each and are available at as well as at MAC freestanding stores and counters. The ones reviewed in this post from the Fall 2011 MAC Me Over Collection are Limited Edition and currently available as of their release on August 25.

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