Illamasqua GLISTER Precision Ink Swatches, Review and EOTD

Illamasqua is a brand that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try out. It IS available in the states at Sephora, but my local Sephora does not carry it =( It’s hard to decide what you want to order, if anything, when you have no personal experience with a brand.

Lately they’ve been coming out with some REALLY unique and interesting colors for their products. One item that majorly piqued my interest was a new Precision Ink in the shade Glister(opalescent nude). It interested me SO much that I sucked it up and ordered. I’m SO glad I did!

From the Sephora website:

Precision Ink
What it is:
An intense waterproof liquid eyeliner.

What it does:
This long-wearing liquid liner comes with a fine tip that allows for defined application, making it perfect for creating a defined eye—or even painting designs on the body. The waterproof formula dries within seconds and stays true for hours.

What else you need to know:
Remove with waterproof eye makeup remover.

Size: 0.06 oz

(Glister is shown on the eye with Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals High Shine Eye Color in Bronzed (to be reviewed), and 2 coats of Black Magic Mascara.)


is heavenly. The shade really opened up my eyes. It went on rather thickly (which I’m not used to with a liquid liner, so I did get some in my eye.. ow.) so it was easy to coat. They aren’t kidding when they say waterproof. I had to scrape this off of my arm with my nails when I did the swatch. It was a little easier to remove from the eye, thank goodness, but I did need several passes with eye makeup remover.

I found the applicator easy to handle and was impressed with how nicely it glided on the eye. The color is really interesting and is unlike anything I’ve seen before in a liquid liner. It’s not your average nude, that’s for sure!

I’m extremely interested in trying out some of the nail polishes as well as the blushes. I’ve heard good things, so perhaps I’ll have to suck it up again and do an order! They are having a big Summer sale on their website right now, which eases the international shipping a bit. (I’m sad there is a precision ink called Alchemy and there is a waiting list… boo. Wants now! /end tantrum)

Illamasqua Precision Ink is available at Sephora as well as for a retail of $27.50.

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