Benefit DANDELION Blush Swatches, Review & 500 Point Sephora Beauty Perk

I received Benefit Dandelion in a recent 500-Point VIB Perk on It actually came in a set of 3 items which were, in addition to a full size Dandelion, mini sizes of “that gal” Brightening Face Primer, and BADgal Lash Mascara.

Dandelion swatches on the arm much more pigmented than it shows up on the cheeks. I’m a little darker this summer than normal, so in the winter I might get a bit more color from it, but for right now it is a very soft and smooth highlighter. Benefit has some really amazing blushes, the colors and formula never cease to amaze me… but I really dislike the packaging =\ I just don’t like the whole cardboard box deal. I do, surprisingly, like the brush with this. It’s a thick and solid brush, and although small, surprisingly easy to use.

“that gal” Brightening Face Primer swatches thickly as a light pink, but when smoothed over the face it gives off a radiant glow and actually did appear to wake me up a bit. I thought this was a perfect time for testing of this product being that I’m sick… and it did seem to do an instant perk up. It was easy to pat and smooth on the face and I actually really enjoyed the texture… no oily or powdery feeling!

BADgal Lash Mascara is a deep black mascara, that, when used, lengthens and curls, but (in my experience) did not thicken. It doesn’t “claim” to thicken, but it does claim to be like a set of false lashes, which it is not. However, I DO like this mascara for all intents and purposes. It didn’t clump and layered up easily.

Overall, this is a FABULOUS and worthwhile set for the 500 point beauty gift. I had a ton of points saved up but between this set and another one (to be reviewed) I picked up in the store, I’ve burned through them all… so I have NO idea if this set is still available online.

However, you CAN purchase these items separately at Sephora, Ulta, or Dandelion retails for $28, “that gal” retails for $29, and BADgal Lash Mascara retails for $19.

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