L’Oreal GOLDEN SPLASH Colour Riche Le Gloss Swatches & Review

When I first saw the new L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Glosses it was in a magazine (either Lucky or Vogue, since those are the only 2 I get) and the shade was being modeled by JLo. I’m PRETTY sure that shade was Golden Splash (159).

I love the apricot shades, and of course, anything modeled by JLo is going to look hot. Golden Splash (please tell me I’m not the only one giggling at the name?!) wasn’t as pigmented on me as it was in the ad, but obviously they’re going to amp that up. It’s still beautiful and the formula is to die with little stick.

It shows much more pink on my lips than in the arm swatch. It’s likely the next time I wear this it will be with a peachy lip liner, such as MAC Mouth Off.

L’Oreal is (IMO) one of the more pricier drugstore brands, but this gloss is a total hit, and there are without a doubt several more in my future.

The L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss are available in 16 shades and have a MSRP of $7.95 (prices may vary). Check your local drugstore for availability.

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