MAC Overnight Sensation Lip Bag Swatches & Review

As part of the Annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, MAC released four exclusive Lip Bags as part of the Cine-matics Collection. The four lip bags are It’s A Girl(which I think would be a REALLY awesome gift to give to someone who is having a baby girl!), Nude Scene, Reel Drama, and Overnight Sensation.

I was interested in 3 of them It’s A Girl, Nude Scene, and Overnight Sensation… but alas, had to pick one =( But it’s a GOOD ONE! Overnight Sensation = LOVE.

Overnight Sensation Lip Bag contains Pillowtalk Cremesheen Lipstick, Overnight Sensation Dazzleglass Creme, and Creamola Cremestick Liner (which is perm in the MAC line). (For some reason my bag had 2 Creamola Cremestick Liners… so I’ll be giving the second one away in the 1000 Follower Giveaway (since Nordies didn’t want it back lol).

(Creamola Cremestick Liner, Pillowtalk Cremesheen Lipstick, Overnight Sensation Dazzleglass)

(Pillow Talk Cremesheen Lipstick alone)

Overnight Dazzleglass alone

(Creamola Cremestick Liner, Pillowtalk Cremesheen Lipstick, Overnight Sensation Dazzleglass layered)

At first application I thought this combo to be a bit too brown for me. But after I wore it awhile, everything grew on me, and I’m really liking this for my Fall lip combo.

Pillowtalk by itself is straight brown and not moisturizing. I wasn’t too crazy about it alone. Creamola is a great liner and a nice compliment to the set, but I’m not a fan of the Cremestick Liners themselves. I would much rather have had just a regular lip pencil in the bag. I find they’re softer and easier to blend and control. Overnight Sensation is a brown, rosy, peach, but more peach than anything. It’s my favorite from this set. The shade and non-stick formula are a total win. The only thing I dislike is the brush applicator =( Doe foot applicators are much easier to deal with, but I do find the brush applicator puts a lot more product on your lips and leaves a nice thick coat. The bag that the items come in is a deep denim (maybe black?) with peach piping. I actually REALLY like this as well. Though I have to work it to get my Lancome powder to fit. Let’s make em about an inch bigger next time, k 😉

The MAC Cine-matics Lip Bags retail for $38 each and are exclusive to Nordstrom. If you’re a card holder you can go into the store or call a store and pick this up now. If you are not a card holder you can pick up the exclusive items starting July 15, 2011 (tomorrow).

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