Chanel ROUGE Joues Contraste Powder Blush Swatches & Review

Mmmmmm did someone say Raspberries?! Every time I look at this blush I want some raspberries. The Chanel Rouge Joues Contraste is just so juicy looking!

It’s easy to see how Chanel Rouge JC can go real wrong, real fast. You need to take your time with Rouge. She can be super temperamental, so if you’re in a rush you might want to grab something a bit more… muted.

For the blended out swatch I actually used the brush provided (which I never, ever do, but it worked REALLY well) dabbed on some color, dabbed it on my arm (or cheek, as you would do with a blush!), and blend. If you need some more color, repeat. Light, light, light. (Here comes a Mighty Ducks reference) Soft hands, concentration not strength.

I don’t like the bolds, but I am in LOVE with this blush. You will probably never need a backup of this. You’ll use so little each time that Rouge should last you a good long while. The rose scent that all of the JC Blushes have is extremely strong with this one. I don’t know if it was just my particular blush, but when I opened her up my head snapped back. If you’re down with the rose scent, then this is definitely up your alley.

ANYONE can wear this blush. Practice and patience are key.

The Chanel Rouge Joues Contraste Powder Blush retails for $43 and is exclusive to the limited edition Collection Byzance de Chanel on the website. You will NOT find this collection at your local department store. I’m eying the quad… someone stop me….

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