Zoya Nail Polish MOD MATTES Collection – MITZI, LOLLY, PHOEBE Swatches & Review

I actually didn’t have any more posts planned for today, but these just came in the mail and I’m loving them! Special thank you to A Polish Problem for holding her quickie Twitter contest!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I’m more of a neutral gal, but the Zoya Nail Polish Mod Mattes Collection has captured my heart.

This collection comes with 3 polishes – MITZI, LOLLY, and PHOEBE.


Mitzi w/ a top coat


Lolly w/ a top coat


Phoebe w/ a top coat

All 3 of these polishes are really cool. My favorite was definitely Lolly, but it was a close run with Phoebe, especially after I added the top coats and saw the pretty shimmer that Phoebe has. Out of the 3, Mitzi had the worst consistency and likely needed a 4th coat.

My experience with any matte polish is that they chip easily. If you add the top coat, of course, that won’t happen, but then it’s not a matte polish anymore. I like to fix the chipping problem by doing a french mani. Just use a piece of tape, paint another color over your tips, remove tape, and VOILA… tip wear problem solved!

Zoya nail polish retails for $8. Click HERE to buy your Mod Mattes today and watch the fun video 😉
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