Sally Hansen BLING IT ON Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Photos & Review

I’m sure you all remember the absolute and utter fail that I experienced with the ArtClub Glam Nails product. If you weren’t around back then, check this post out to catch up, of if you need a memory refresher.

Recently I got the opportunity to try out the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish strips.

(L-R: Bling It On, Glitz Blitz, Blue Ice, Kitty Kitty, Laced Up)

For my product review I chose to use Bling It On. Originally I wanted to do the 10 day wear test, but I’m not used to my nails being very long, and after Day 8 I couldn’t take it anymore. The GOOD news is, that these strips outlasted me! They were SO easy to apply and come with everything you need.

I love a product that makes things idiot proof. I NEED products like that. My concentration since having kids is basically nil. You get all the tools plus step by step instructions included in each pack. I threw the mini file in my makeup bag after all was said and done.

With this product I noticed it was easier to file off the excess and shape the sticker to the nail after I trimmed most of it off with cuticle scissors. I messed up the first nail I did (thumb nail) because I tried to file ALL of the extra off. If you use the scissors, though, there should be no issue.

Here are 3 pics for progression photos. As you can see, by Day 8, just a bit of tip wear and no lifting. This is seriously a GREAT product!

(Day 1: Excuse the fact that I didn’t put any cuticle cream on. I was worried if I did that right away it would ruin the stick. ArtClub crap had me paranoid.)

(Day 5: No tip wear, minor growth)

(Day 8: Extreme close up! Tip wear was happening, the growth was there, and I couldn’t take it anymore lol but it could have definitely lasted a bit longer if I hadn’t gotten in my own head about the length. The angle was taken to show the tip wear.)

These held up REALLY well and are perfect to put on for vacations or trips where you don’t want to be bothered touching up or changing your polishes. During my wear test I was wrangling 2 extremely active kids AND bringing a new nippy and playful puppy into the house. I was not dainty in the least when wearing this product.

The designs are beautiful if you don’t have a steady hand, and there is definitely something there for everyone. LOTS to choose from! Check out the selection!

Retail on these varies, depending on where you go to purchase. Keep your eye on your local ads to get coupons and deals like Buy One Get One Half Off… The most expensive I’ve ever seen them is $9.99, but I really can’t recall where. They’re everywhere from Wal-Mart (which WILL price match if you bring the ad in), CVS, Rite-Aid… any drugstores, really. It’s worth the little bit extra you have to pay. You can see the difference in the quality when you compare these photos to the ones from my ArtClub post.

***Products and information regarding this product were provided by the company in exchange for an HONEST review. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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