Reviva Labs Skin Care Review & Photos

Towards the end of February I was approached by Reviva Labs to do a review on some of their products. My choice. I asked what they recommended for some acne issues I was having. Not too severe, but likely caused by stress or some medication that I had been on.

The recommended treatment included Camphor Cleansing Milk #153 followed by Camphor Toner #154 and once-a-week supplement cleansing with Light Skin Peel #107. During the day Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Cream #209. At night, Oily Skin Night Cream #315.

Before this system, I had never actually been on a stringent skin care program. (I know, that’s totally bad.) So, I was eager to get something started. I’ll start out with some pics and first impressions that I jotted down back in February, then give my overall review and opinion.

Camphor Cleansing Milk #153

First Impression – That it’s small but mighty. I used a generous PEA SIZED amount and was able to cover my whole face with product. When I first saw the bottles I was worried they wouldn’t last long, but you seriously don’t need much at all! The CM has a menthol smell and feels cooling and fresh on the face. I dried off my face afterwards and was pleased to see NO MAKEUP residue on my white towel! My face doesn’t feel dry like it did with previously used blemish washes.

Camphor Toner #154

First Impression – same menthol smell, I didn’t need to put much on the cotton ball. This did sting a little bit as I was patting it on my face, hopefully in time as my skin clears and adjusts to the product this won’t happen. It’s obviously a bearable feeling and goes away after a few seconds.

Oily Skin Night Cream #315

First Impression – a mousse look… when I first opened the jar the texture reminded me of opening a tub of cool whip. I got a little bit off of the cap and dabbed all over my face before massaging in. It’s not the best of smells but it IS natural and if it helps my face I’m game. My face feels extremely baby soft and smooth. This needs to be washed off in the morning.

Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Cream #209

First Impression – There is a slightly unpleasant smell. It took some time to absorb and my face still felt dry after applying.

Light Skin Peel #107

First Impression – feels like spreading Elmer’s glue all over the face, it is to be left on for 3-5 min (once a week). this week I just did it for 3 minutes because sometimes I get a reaction to products such as this. I’m happy to report no reaction. To remove you’re to rub off with hands, dry towel, or cosmetic sponge…. I used the dry towel.. while it worked it did leave residue on the face. I didn’t think I used too much, but perhaps I did this time. The residue was a turn off, but the benefits of the peel could be worth it. This did not cause redness on my face or any type of reaction whatsoever.

After using the system after day 1 I woke up to my face feeling a bit dry, but my blemishes were noticeably less irritated and smaller. After day 4 I noticed some improvement on my breakouts and nothing new had popped up! Score! Using this system daily has allowed me to control my breakouts and maintain a healthy glow. Until day 4 I did have some light itching and dryness to my face, but after day 4 I had NO issue with that, and it was totally bearable. And the final results were worth it, for sure.

My breakouts are virtually nil, and I attribute that to this system by Reviva Labs. Every other acne wash I’ve used before has bleached my towels, made my face red and irritated, or stunk like sulfur. Reviva has definitely helped me get my face back under control, and I will continue to use some of these products.

I definitely recommend the Cleansing Milk and the Camphor Toner (each only $8! That is LESS that what I would pay if I was at a drugstore!). I even grew to REALLY like the Night Cream (which you only need a VERY little amount of, dab all over and rub in). I feel like the Day Cream is a bit too much for me, and leaves my skin feeling a little wet, no matter how much I use. With the Light Skin Peel… I just don’t like the feel of rubbing it off with a dry towel. Another Reviva reviewer told me on Twitter to use it in the shower to wipe it off wet. It won’t ruin the effect. I do feel the Light Skin Peel is an intricate part of the system, so here’s hoping 😉

The only item I ran out of was the Cleanser. I still have a decent amount left of the other products. I probably overdid the use on the cleanser, because you really don’t need that much. I started this system on February 25 and it’s taken over 2 months to run out of cleanser using it twice a day. That is AMAZING.

The cost is pretty decent as well, the whole system that I wrote about above has a retail value of $67.50. NOT bad when you see how long it lasts and the results it provides. You pay so much more for other systems that do not seem to work as well and are not as friendly to your skin.

Do yourself a favor, check out the website, see what Reviva is all about!

*** Products were provided by the manufacturer or PR firm in exchange for an HONEST review. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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