Bobbi Brown BARE PINK (9) Rich Lip Color SPF 12

Recently Bobbi Brown released a new line of lipsticks – the Rich Lip Color SPF 12.

From the Bobbi Brown Website:

Bright, get-noticed color. Introducing Rich Lip Color SPF 12. Lightweight, yet intense, Bobbi’s latest formula combines pigments with a clear base to deliver pure, crisp color with just one swipe. Plus, it’s creamy and moisturizing, so lips feel as good as they look. Available in 13 beautifully wearable shades.

For this review, I chose the shade Bare Pink.

I chose Bare Pink because I’m a neutral lovin’ gal and thought I would use this shade the most. Plus I didn’t need any more coral colors… oy.

I found Bare Pink to be extremely creamy, rich, and smooth. It applied well and evenly. The wear was that of any lipstick… a few hours and wore off with eating and drinking. I loved the feel of this lipstick, it was moisturizing and I didn’t feel like I needed to apply a lipgloss over it. This item is definitely something I’d repurchase in the same shade as well as in other shades.

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF 12 is available at any department store with a Bobbi Brown counter, and

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