MAC Ice Cream Cake Nail Lacquer

*** Throughout today I’m going to be posting swatches and reviews from the MAC Quite Cute Collection. At the end I’ll do an overall review of the collection with a summary of the items that were reviewed.

One of the MAC Quite Cute Nail Lacquers that caught my eye was Ice Cream Cake. It actually made me think of Cotton Candy ice cream from Brewsters. Now I’m craving..

This polish is an uber-girly barbie pink. It’s actually a shade I’ve been hunting down for a long time. Everything else I bought has always been a bit off in my head.

I LOVE the color of this. It’s a cream, so it didn’t have the best application. Truthfully the only polishes with a cream finish that I love (because of their 2 coat flawless wonder) are from Finger Paints. Ice Cream Cake wasn’t TOO bad, though, and I was able to cover in 3 coats.

(*yes I totally tried to do some “art” here lol I thought a heart on one nail would be fun for the theme. It’s a little haggard… not bad for a first timer tho haha. For a base coat I used Orly Top 2 Bottom and for my top coat I used Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.)

Some packaging pics:

MAC Ice Cream Cake Nail Lacquer is described as a Creamy Blue Pink on and retails for $14. It IS Limited Edition, and as of this blog posting is still available.

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