MAC Ultra Darling Sheen Supreme Lipstick

The MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks launched a few weeks ago. From what I can tell, they are NOT limited edition and apparently replace the slimshines. I find them to be extremely similar to slimshines in their feel and texture.

They are definately thicker, and I think people with thinner lips will have a hard time applying these without the help of a lip brush. Personally, I like the thickness much better because I always used to have a problem with the Slimshines bending or even breaking because the lipstick was so slim. The thicker…the more durable!

What I like about these lipsticks is that you don’t need a gloss with them, and they’re not sticky at all. I find the packaging to be sleek and practical.

I purchased one of these lipsticks for myself (which I haven’t reviewed yet) and then had Ultra Darling (mid-tone yellow pink) sent to me by my friend Lindsay out in California as a little pick me up for when my dog died. It was totally unexpected and definately made me smile. Thank you, Lindsay!

**top swatch was one pass with the lippie, bottom swatch was 3 layers of the lippie

The MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks are $14.50 (just the same as a regular lippie) though the regular lipsticks only have 3g of product, where as the Sheen Supremes carry 3.6g of product.

I also used MAC Ultra Darling Sheen Supreme Lipstick in this FOTD.

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