What’s In Your Closet?

I am having SO much fun reading the giveaway entries! One that was really interesting to me was someone who wanted to see my wardrobe. I was like… well that’s different… and it sounds FUN! And you get to learn a little more about me in the process 😉

So here’s your warning. I’m a stay at home mom. I literally do nothing but play with kids ALL DAY and during nap breaks and lunch I can blog or check emails. This means the BULK of my wardrobe is yoga pants, Victoria’s Secret PINK sweats… Velour outfits (yes, I said velour)… hoodies… you’ll see. Basically, if you’re here looking for some hot threads, this probably is not the place you want to be lol I probably need Tim Gunn to come in here and overhaul me stat. He was just at a local mall this past weekend… dang. SHOULD have kidnapped him!

After living in this house for 7 years we finally were able to add on to our house this year. It’s been a LONG process. I updated a bit on the blog but never added the final pics. Up until the addition my kids were sharing a room, which caused a huge lack of sleep had by me. My blog was pretty sporadic back then. Basically I was always too tired or lazy to post, so it’s been nice to be able to get some sleep and pick this back up.

Our most recent finish was our walk in closet. FINALLY, the space I require. Too bad I had to split it with the hubbs. I don’t have all of my shoes moved in yet… still trying to figure out what to do with all of them, since I really only ever wear my UGGS (of which I have a ridiculous amount).

This first shot is of my jewelry case, 2 pairs of boots (one UGG, one Bearpaw), and my most recent addition to the purse family… a Coach bag (yes, another one).

Yes, those ARE 2 Beanie Babies you see there! My Grandma (may she RIP) was a HUGE (no seriously… HUGE) beanie baby collector. I have 2 gigantic totes full of them that she left me. I wanted to remember her but did not want to have them take over my house lol I chose two – a butterfly that is just so pretty, and the Princess Diana remembrance bear that she way overpaid for when these were at the height of their popularity.

Here we have my favorite pair of UGGs and perhaps the most fashionable pair of shoes that I own. The UGG Lynnea. They are SO comfy. I can walk the entire mall all day in these things and my feet never cry out once. I’m NEVER in heels, so if I say these bad boys are comfy, then they are COMFY.

Every true Pittsburgher owns at least ONE (or two or three….) Steeler jersey. I have a Hines Ward and a Big Ben, they’re both HUGE but I feel like wearing the big mens jersey makes it more authentic lol

A few samples of my Victoria’s Secret PINK collection lol (YAY they have NFL teams now, so I can get my Steeler gear AND my Pitt Panthers gear in one of my favorite brands!)

Obviously, I’m a PITT fan! I was a University of Pittsburgh Golden Girl (click the link if you don’t know lol cause it’s not the TV show!) during my freshman year and was also a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. My Golden Girl Alumni hoodie is my favorite and the most comfortable one I own. Yes it has matching yoga pants. Not kidding 😉

That’s pretty much my stuffs. I have drawers full of yoga pants and t-shirts… PJs (jiggies, as my kids say)… even more boring than this… if it’s possible 😉 I like to dress up jeans and a black or white shirt with a fun scarf. I buy scarves all the time… especially from Coach or New York and Company. I throw most of my $$$$ into makeup, nail polish, purses and UGGS. LOL

What is your favorite item in your closet?

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