A Couple of Announcements

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I have a couple of announcements for you.

First – A Polish Problem is having a REALLY awesome polish giveaway in honor of her 36th birthday. Go check it out! Please also check out my right sidebar, I have a couple other contests listed, and since they’re listed, they’re obviously awesome!

Second – I am having issues with my computer and getting my pictures to open up. Not sure WHY, but I’m trying to figure it out. Once that happens I’m hoping to get a post or two up.

Third – My dog, Coco, is really sick with what the vet believes is a brain tumor. It’s extremely hard at the house here right now, and we’re having a vet make a house call on Friday to have Coco put to sleep. We feel it will be less traumatic for her if we do this at home rather than load her up into the car and take her to the Vet office (which she has always hated).

That is the other reason for lack of posting. I just haven’t felt the urge to gush (or complain!) about something material during a time when I’m sad, and I want to be able to give products the attention they deserve.

Thank you so much for reading the announcements! I hope you’re all doing well and are getting your hauling on!

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