MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass Swatches

The two Wonder Woman Lipglasses that I picked up were Emancipation and Wonder Woman. I’m not gonna lie… the tubes are comical. (Wonder Woman is a comic so that makes sense lol)… comical as in hilarious. When I first saw them in person at Nordstrom I busted out laughing. Then you pull out the oversized doe foot applicator you will laugh even harder. It’s just a shock to see the size of it all. I think it’s great, but I am definately going to be hiding when I need to reapply lol

In regards to the doe foot applicator, please be careful when your taking the wand out of the tube. The suction is pretty strong and you could end up with sticky lipglass all over your clothes. It’s easy to apply, even though the applicator is HUGE, because the color only gets on the end tip. It’s not slathered all over. You DO need to be careful, but not as much as I thought before I saw them.


Tubes/Applicator Comparison:

You can see the color really well from the applicators, so I nixed the arm swatches this time and went with Lip Swatches:

Wonder Woman


Emancipation has definately earned a spot in my top 5 Lipglasses. I do hope they’ll re-release it in a normal sized tube for a later collection.

The MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses retail for $20.00 and are still available on

FYI – for those that missed out on Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF – I called MAC Customer Service and they had a box of them there to put on sale on the site, and they sold me one! It’s on it’s way! Right now, the website says COMING SOON, so if you’ve been dying for this one make sure you stalk the site. This will likely be the last of them!

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