MAC Wonder Woman Marquise D’ Lipstick Swatches & Review

The MAC Wonder Woman collection is due to release on February 10, 2011. So WHY was it out February 1, 2011 at! The early online release that NO ONE expected or was prepared for had people scurrying. Nothing was an immediate sell out, though at last check (yesterday around this time) Pink Power MSF and Mighty Aphrodite Blush were the only items sold out. (Both on my wish list, of course.)

I ordered a red makeup bag for a girl I CP for and (because I couldn’t resist) a Marquise D’ Lipstick for myself. I know I like this color since it’s a repromote (from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead) so I figured why not. The rest I need to see in person. I think the lack of online sell out tells us a lot of other people feel the same. I’m worried about the oversize Lipglass mostly. It just looks absolutely insane.

Anyway, let’s get on to the pictures, swatches and review of MAC Marquise D’ Lipstick!

The Packaging:

I may be in the minority here… but I love the packaging. Wonder Woman was pretty garish. Especially for her time. She first appeared in the comics in 1941 and the Lynda Carter series was in the late 70’s. I definately would have NOT expected that outfit in the 40’s, or even in the 70’s. The outfit works, though, and Wonder Woman is known in our time for the outfit AND the accessories.

I love the detail that MAC put in to the packaging for this campaign. The interior packaging came as a nice surprise, and red IS my favorite color 😉 I like that it’s toony. She was a COMIC for goodness sake! They COULD have went a little classier with it all, but I think the direction they went is perfect. The lipsticks are normal size, so I’ll have to comment on the oversized items once I see them on the release date.


Marquise D’ has a lustre finish and is described as a “sandy cream peach”. I agree with that, but it does have a pinky tinge to it as well. It’s the color I always gravitate too, so it was an obvious choice. The lustre finish is one of my faves. Moisturizing and smooth. For the swatches I did slather it on quite a bit, but it can definately be worn a bit more sheer, whatever suits your style.

MAC Wonder Woman Lipstick retails for $15.50 USD (plus tax) and is currently available on the MAC website. This line is set to release in stores and at counters on Thursday, February 10. Please call your local store/counter to double check their plans or events for this collection.

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