CRACKALACQUE! OPI Shatter in da Houseeeeeee

lol I’m so excited. Can’t you tell?? I love OPI Shatter. It is SO cool. My friend Rachel was out at Ulta when they were putting them out so she grabbed me one. I love her to BITS. Immediately it went right over OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous.

(click pics to enlarge)

(the blurry pic was no flash so I could show off the crackle better.)

It looks much more awesome in person, with the shatter happening over the steel and color shimmer… And, call me crazy, but I think the next day the shatter effect was more vivid. It is staying on like a DREAM and I’m completely head over heels impressed. I really HOPE (begging! pleading!) that OPI comes out with some more shades of crackle. I already have a name 😉 CRACKALACQUE! haha 😉

If you see this. Buy it. $8.50. WORTH EVERY PENNY. I posted this pic on facebook and friends went flying to EVIL-bay to get their own for the pumped up prices. OPI would be craaaaaaaay-zay not to have a whole line of these!

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